In a world centralized around technology, it’s vital to keep devices and networks secure and productive. In many small businesses, hiring dedicated IT staff may not be a cost effective way to keep systems up and running smoothly. At Netlinux, we provide your business with the most efficient services and tools to keep your business’s technology running smooth day after day. Find out what we can offer your business by contacting us for a free consultation today!

An overview of our services:

  • Comprehensive Cybersecurity Monitoring and Management
  • Backup Monitoring & Management and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Support and Help Desk services
  • Computer Hardware, software and security monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • Network Monitoring and Management
  • Cloud Services

Managed IT Services

In the technology industry, it’s hard to predict when the next problem will arise. Whether it’s major or minor, these inconveniences can be critical to your business’s productivity. With our managed services solutions, we create a fixed monthly rate. This provides you the best experience with the fastest resolution time. Our team has the fastest response time in the industry, we have the knowledge and troubleshooting skills to resolve problems easily. In addition to quick response to submitted issues, we also have the most detailed monitoring solution that provides instantaneous notification to hardware issues and more before they become an emergency.

Support Services

Support is among the top concerns of end users, we provide the fastest in the industry! Our many support options allows us to accept and resolve issues faster than ever before. A few avenues of support include: in person, phone, email, instant chat and remote access. In many cases, if the client prefers, issues can be resolved remotely. Remote resolution allows for quick diagnosis and in most instances, quick resolution. If on-site presence is required or desired, we will arrange for a service call promptly depending on the severity of the issue.

Secure & Redundant Data Protection & Backup

Digitally stored data and databases are the most important assets to any business. That’s why having backups of critical data is imperative. With our assistance, we can safeguard your data by storing local and off-site backups of your most valuable data. This ensures your data is protected from fire, theft, natural disasters (flood, tornado, etc.), just to name a few. In addition to physical threats, your data is always at risk to malware, viruses and most dangerous, ransomware. We have a unique and secure backup system that allows for local and off-site backups that are completely immune to ransomware attacks. Your data will always be protected with Netlinux. When recovery is needed, we will assist with the recovery process by ensuring your data is placed and distributed to the correct places and/or staff.

Network Setup, Proactive Security Monitoring & Support

In any business environment, your network is the road system from your computer to other destinations. In all cases, your network needs to be secure, reliable and robust. Whether you have a new network setup or an existing, we can create a network plan that follows the best and standard practices. We can provide network assessments that will expose flaws in security, performance and design (physical and software configuration). We offer free network assessments to give a glimpse of how your network is performing and how to improve upon it. Here are just a few of the network services we offer:

Comprehensive Active Network Security
– Network Intrusion Detection and Blocking
– Dark Web and Malicious Website Detection and Blocking
– Country Restriction and Content Blocking

Firewall Setup and Monitoring
Network Troubleshooting
Network Monitoring
Bandwidth Usage and Monitoring Reports
Wireless Networking (Design, Implementation and Setup)

IT Hardware: Servers, Workstations, Tablets & Phones

In many instances, a central server is ideal to host files, applications, databases, domains and more. Whatever your business’s needs, we can provide servers that will perform most any function. Our servers come equipped with Linux, Windows or MacOS, depending on the need. Our servers can be coupled with secure cloud access to accommodate usage from anywhere! Whether it’s a desktop or laptop, your business requires quality machines with stellar reliability and performance. When selecting systems for our clients, we use only the best components and models. They have been tested by us to ensure reliability and longevity. When you buy machines from Netlinux, you can be assured that they will be investments that will save you time and money.

Network Wiring Installation & Setup

In almost all cases, running network (Ethernet) wiring to computers and other devices will improve network connectivity speed, reliability and longevity. In many businesses, buildings are not always equipped with Ethernet wire in convenient places. Netlinux can step in and plan, install and ensure proper connectivity of new network wire runs throughout most building layouts. We provide free consultations for network wiring installation to ensure it meets your needs and expectations!

Other Business Inquiries

If your business IT needs are not listed in our above standard service offerings, please use our contact page to send us a message with more specific requests.

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