About Us:

Austin started out tinkering with computers at age 5. The fascination with computers expanded throughout elementary school and as Austin entered middle and high school, he was given the opportunity to pursue his specific intertests in the technology industry. While gaining experience and education attending Rivermont Collegiate, Austin found many areas of interest, including desktops, laptops, tablets, networks and servers, just to name a few. Through high school, Austin was president of the Computer Club. During his time as president, he assisted in coordinating their bi-annual "Computer Optimization Day", an event that opened the club's computer cleaning and optimization services to the Quad Cities public. He also received various technology awards including:

  • The University of Rochester Xerox Technology Award
  • Computer Science Award (Three consecutive years)

  • Austin's connection with Netlinux stemmed from an internship and soon turned into permanent employment. After several years, Austin was given the opportunity to own and operate Netlinux, finding new areas of interest and new ways to assist customers with technology.

    Tim founded Netlinux in 2001 and still plays an integral role in the company's operation.

    Bobbie runs the front desk, administrative operations and assists customers with usability issues pertaining to their devices.

    Contact us with any questions about services offered.